Going Green!

This is my FAVORITE time of year. I love the colors. I love the smells. Yes, I even love the change in temperatures. Everything appears more golden. The sun comes in at different angles for shorter periods of time. Many times the weather puts an end to fall before I’ve had time to enjoy it. This year is smooth sailing as September gradually slips away and the gentle weather allows for autumn activities.

It’s the time to collect tomatoes off the vine and pick apples off the trees. Homegrown pumpkins are turned into pies, cakes and cookies and the leftover zucchinis … well, no more of them, thank you …enough is enough!

Sad to say, it’s also time to decide which of my beautiful plants will be brought into the house and which will stay out in the cold due to lack of space and access to windows with sunshine. I have so many healthy coleus plants that want to come indoors along with my aloe, geraniums, hibiscus, rubber tree plant and healthy fig tree. I don’t have enough space or enough light. I want them all to live but I don’t like the feel of a cluttered house, especially when the amount of sunshine is limited. I wish I had huge south facing windows. I wish I had more shelves. I wish I could keep them all but alas.

In the past, bringing my plants indoors meant bringing in a ton of bugs and insects. I listened to a one-minute podcast today about bringing houseplants indoors. The major take-away was to use insecticidal soap before I bring them in to take care of any pest problem. And another hint was to clean any dead or damaged growth and trim up the plants gradually so I don’t send them into shock.

What it comes down to is — which plants do I keep? And how do I gently let the others know they didn’t make the ‘cut’? It’s like being in school all over again. My back patio is filled with potted plants that I acquired from cuttings, kept from last year, purchased this year or received as gifts. They are all so healthy and happy right now. And most are still in bloom. Honestly, this warm Colorado weather has kept my plant family smiling and content on the outside looking in. That will change as soon as the weather dips.

Maybe I can farm some plants out to friends who need some delicious greenery in their house this winter. Plants are so good about cleansing the air and adding humidity to the house. And, when plants are indoors – it’s like a party! Every plant has its own personality, likes, dislikes, needs and desires. Some like lots of water, others want to be ignored. Some like every bit of light they can suck up and others tend to give off good smells. And they are all great at increasing positive vibes (ok, I made that one up) which makes it hard to decide which to keep and which to release.

Perhaps this is the time I visit my friends and leave a plant on their front step with a note about how much I love and appreciate them and all they have done for me. And bestow upon them one of my plant friends. What would you think about finding a ‘love plant’ on your front porch?

I know I would ADORE one! But wait … where would I put it?

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4 thoughts on “Going Green!

  1. Anne

    Yes all those lovely plants I helped to save, replant and adore. I too have that problem, not enough space or sun for them all..but it would be so nice to come home to a Love plant. Good idea.
    I recognize that picture. 😃


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