Missed me?

Of course you missed me! It’s been over a year since I last wrote in my blog. I wonder what happened to me? Perhaps it was one of my blue moods. Or I was feeling low about the state of the world.

Or I just needed to take a break.

Thank you for reading me now. I updated my About page as well as my 2021 Book list (of books read so far…)

The past year has been full. REALLY FULL.

I hardly traveled due to Covid-19 virus.

I had some health issues (not Covid-19 related.)

I learned about mitral valve stenosis and how it was triggered from when I had rheumatic fever as a kid. I never knew I had rheumatic fever – however, I learned that if I had strep throat (YES, ALL THE TIME!) then most likely it evolved into rheumatic fever. My mom thought that Vick’s VapoRub was a cure-all for sore throats, strep throat issues, the common cold, bronchial pain and earaches. Vick’s vs. antibiotics. Alas…

I learned to be patient with myself this past year and wait my turn to return to life, travel, public experiences and the bigger world. In the meantime, I did the small group thing. I traveled to Grand Lake in June and again in August. Both times I stood in a forest of dead trees from the Troublesome fires last year but it was a healing place for me. There was new growth around me, open skies, and mountain views. I was in heaven.

My wish for a mountain home with a view of the sky and mountains was there every day this past year. I think I will have to rent a home to satisfy those wishes. Time will tell.

Surrounded by a dead forest and yet I feel alive!

I have a friend who recently moved to Charlottsville, VA. Why did she not move to Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Pagosa Springs or Paonia? That would have given me a reason to hop in my car and visit her for a spell. Instead, I have much more time to blog and get caught up with you.

Now What?

“So, Now What?” you ask? Yes, I do too.

Tell me what’s going on with you. And I’ll keep you posted about me as well!

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