Is reading considered a hobby?

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Is reading a hobby?

I don’t sing, play a musical instrument, paint, quilt, sew, weaver, or dance. I don’t brew beer, make wine, cross stitch, or collect stamps.

But I do read. And I love to read. And I love to discuss good books. And I love to discuss the books I hate.

But it seems so passive.

The Rent Collector by Cameron WrightSomeone else did all the work. They put their butts in the chair and let the words flow. And on the days when the words didn’t flow, they still put their butts in the chair anyhow. Authors work hard. They show up. They put their butts in the chair on a regular basis. They edit, rewrite and when they are finally done – they promote their final product. They attend book signings, they Facebook. They Instagram. They blog. They write newsletters.

And I — get to read the final product. Is that considered a hobby?

I hope so because I spend quite a bit of time reading. I either have a book or an audiobook on hand at all times. Is reading an actual hobby?

I will happily let a good book consume me. And then there are the books that I adore so much that I find myself slowing down so I can prolong the story and hold off finding out the ending.

And for the books I don’t like. I set aside. I return to the library. I give away. I don’t have time for them. I wouldn’t watch a movie for an hour if I didn’t like it. No thank you very much. No reason to feel bad about it either.

I just finished rereading a book titled The Rent Collector. I loved it the first time and I loved it again.

The Rent Collector by Cameron Wright is a story about life in the municipal waste dump in Cambodia. Its an odd place. It’s an odd setting and it’s pretty powerful. It’s a story within a story. It’s about reaching down and pulling another up. Its about noticing something bigger and ASKING for help. It’s about the power of education. It really touched me both times that I read it. And, for the record, I rarely EVER read a book twice,

I don’t have the heart to dissect it as many good readers and editors might. I just embraced it and let it sit with me for a long time.

I feel honored when I read books that touch my soul like this one did. Perhaps I am too easily led by plot, however, in this case, I was ready to follow.

This Tender Land by William Kent KruegerMy other recent book that took me on a sweet journey was titled, This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger. It was a journey of abused kids running for their lives. It was a story of how they grew with each stop along the way. I was reminded of ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ movie and the Odyssey and several others and yet, I willingly followed.

During my walk today I finished listening to Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. I felt pretty disgusted with myself for downloading this audiobook. It was so scripted like a Hallmark movie and I resented the time I took away from my life to listen to it. Instead of closing the book and setting it aside (it was an audiobook after all) I just kept forwarding it at 30 second intervals. The main character was such a tool I wanted to stomp him into the dirt. I guess I was also upset that there seems to be too many words dragging down the story. I spent lots of time hitting the fast-forward button and probably missed some important stuff. But then, isn’t my time important too? Right? So, some good books crossed my path and some less memorable ones this past month.

And now I ask you again. What do you think? Is reading a hobby? I would truly love your thoughts and feedback.

Back to you. What are your thoughts? Many thanks for sharing!

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10 thoughts on “Is reading considered a hobby?

  1. Reading is a type of hobby, yes. But it isn’t passive – we get actively involved – in the stories and the characters. If it is something you love doing, but it isn’t your job – it isn’t something you HAVE to do to survive, but just something you make time to do, then yes, of course you can call it a hobby!

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  2. Reading is so much more than a hobby … to me it is essential to survive! 😀 I’ve never considered it as paaaive, rather becoming deeply involved with the books, inspired by them, entertained, always learning! Life would be so dull otherwise! Thank you so much for the mention of my post about the Bronte’ Little Books! 😀

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  3. Yes, it must be a hobby because it’s something I’m passionate about. Visiting new and old libraries, seeking out bookstores, joining bookclubs – of course! There was a Christmas season when I worked at Barnes & Noble Bookstore and I really hated the job. Every time I had a discussion with a customer about the books they were buying the line got longer and my productivity went down. I wanted to follow them out the door and ask what other books they liked and didnt like. But alas, my job was to turn to the next person and learn not how to have a book conversation. (HA!) Now, with my own free time, I can discuss at my leisure. Amen to that!

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  4. I think it’s the learning part that’s the big draw for me. For an author to take me down different roads, into homes and businesses, into the minds and hearts of characters is truly an amazing talent. I love when I have a book that makes me want to stay up late or wake up early to read “just one more page.” I also love to connect with people who love the books that I hate. Reading nourishes me. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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  5. It’s certainly one of my hobbies! I have no idea how many books I’ve read over my lifetime, but it must be in the thousands. I also love to discuss books – one of the perks of working at the library – and especially love discussing books I disliked. I’ve gotten into the habit of going into Good Reads after I finish a book and seeing if the majority of people agree or disagree with me on whether it’s good or bad. If I hated a book it always makes me feel better to find out I’m not the only one. Nicholas Sparks – meh.

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  6. Nik

    I love reading, & I agree with earlier comments, yes, its a hobby. It’s not passive, you make a decision to engage with the book and to keep turning pages. TV will play regardless of whether or not anyone’s watching but a book patiently waits for its pages to be turned…


  7. Nik, you are so right – and once again I realized that when there is something that comes so easily and naturally to me – it is my true talent. Reading is my talent. Writing is my talent. When I use the words “anyone can do that…” then it is my talent that is speaking. Because not everyone can read with the same passion I have. A painter or musician can say – “oh anyone can do this…” and truly believe it. Thanks for your comments.

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