Day 23 – Make A Difference Day 2015

Today started off really busy. I signed up to volunteer my services on Make A Difference Day. Members of several Fort Collins Rotary clubs gathered together with rakes and gloves and warm clothing to clean up leaves, branches and trash at Catholic Charities. This facility offers food and shelter to homeless men and women in the area.

What happened was little subsets of workers gathered to rake, hold open bags, cut branches, haul trash and as each task was completed, new subsets were created. What I loved most was meeting people in other clubs, spouses, teens and learning more about the members in my club.

Make A Difference Day is celebrating it’s 24th year. It’s the largest national day of community service. In my community it’s Make A Difference Week with volunteer opportunities of all kinds.  Projects included helping landscape a yard, swapping out incandescent lights for LED bulbs, building vertical garden beds for wheel-chair patients, winterizing community gardens, sprucing up the Ecology Center, helping Adult Day Center with window cleaning, landscaping, yard and branch cleanup. Lots and lots of opportunities to work together to help others. It’s a win-win for the agencies, the volunteers and the community.

While we worked the sun came out and we all warmed up. The amount of work was reduced by half due to the amount of workers. Finished by 10:30 am with the whole day ahead of me. What to do? Well, go home and rake leaves of course!

So, that’s all for now. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow!


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