Day 15 – Touch it Once

My friend Teresa likes to follow the ‘touch it once’ method as a way to simplify her life. If she gets a phone message, she returns it instead of adding it to the list of things to do. She’ll answer emails right away and follow through with the request as it is received.

I’ve tried to do this as well. Instead of putting my jacket on a chair, I try to open kickback5the closet door and hang it up. I’ll have several lists of things I need to do and often the toughest item is on the bottom. I’m moving that to the top and try to do it first (you know those calls you put off, quotes you need to get, appointments you want to avoid…)

Anyhow, when I follow the ‘touch it once’ rule my house is neater and easier to clean but I really have to keep it at the top of my mind. “Follow through, hang it up, put it away, respond now.” It’s all for the best and yet, I still am digging through files and sorting and cleaning as a way to find one document. I’m getting better and my piles are getting smaller, but it really needs my full attention. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As for exercise today – It was a gym day with some cardio and weights. It was also a bike ride day (just a short ride to campus and back  – a mere 6 miles total) and a rake and mow the lawn day and a paint some of the house day. Whew!

There were all on my list and they all received a big CHECK in front of them. The CHECK was almost as pretty as a gold star.

Here’s to a lovely weekend to one and all!

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