Day 5: Travel Day

Trying to fit in a walk on travel days is hard but not impossible. To find a new place to walk prior to returning to Colorado, I took a walk along the river in Reno. I’ve been on the River Walk before – the place was sunny, water was running high and flowers were in bloom. Outdoor concerts were going strong at the amphitheater and kayakers were learning new skills in the Truckee river.

Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I saw it today. The place was filthy. Besides the trash thrown in the river and the smell of urine everywhere, the abundant transient population changed the entire look and feel of the place. There were mattresses along the sidewalk, blankets and clothes under bridges and garbage on sidewalks. It was so far from the memory I had of it from only 5 years ago. What happened?

Maybe next spring when the flowers bloom and the river is running high again it will be that place I remembered.

I sure hope so.


3 thoughts on “Day 5: Travel Day

  1. Carole

    Not nice! I don’t have the answer, but am guessing part of that is the lack of water, allowing more transient people to move closer to the river. We have, I believe, a major homeless problem here that, I think, is not being addressed in the right way. Just saying . . . .

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