My Favorite Books: Cuckoo’s Calling

Over the past few years I’ve had some wonderful books cross my path. Some others were not so good but I finished them anyhow and others never gained my attention and were set aside.

One of the best books I’ve read in a long time is called Cuckoo’s Calling by
Robert Galbraith. It was at the library and looked worthy which is how I decided to check it out. What I found out later was that was written by JK Rowling.

Unlike most of the population, I was not a big Harry Potter fan. I read the first book and was done. So, I don’t know that I would have read this book knowing she had written it. Which is why she used a pen name. Anyway … I’m glad I did.

The story is about a detective named Cormoron Strike who lost his leg in Afghanistan. His business is down to one client, his girlfriend just broke up with him, he’s living in his office and can barely afford to pay for a temp.

Everything looked hopeless and bleak until a client walked in the door and handed him the case of a lifetime.

What I liked about the book was the description of the characters. I have a clear picture of Cormoran with his prosthesis, his wiry hair, his beat up office and the people who come into his life.  If you read it, I’d be interested in your opinion – did you like it? If not, feel free to share.

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