Food for Thought

In my world, things get out of whack when I don’t eat properly. On days when I don’t have fruits or vegetables my system is cranky. When I eat too much sugar or candy I feel sleepy. When I don’t have enough water, I get headaches.

cropped-half-moon-cookies.jpgThe thing is – these are all easy fixes and I can get back on track when I get refocus and eat better and drink more water.

With a bit of exercise and better eating I can face the mirror, myself and the world at large.

As for the meals I do eat, I try to use smaller plates as a way to keep my portions smaller. You can go to any food website and learn more about portion control, good nutrition, calorie count, fat amounts, etc. Knowing about tHoneycrisp appleshem is important. Incorporating them into your world is imperative.

If you are feeling edgy and need a dose of sanity – check your diet. Are you treating your body like a temple or like a trash can?

If you’re trash can material, turn it around NOW and thank me later!


3 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Wish I could send you those delicious looking, half moon cookies (first picture). As important as it is to eat right and healthy, it’s just as important to splurge and treat yourself to something special once in awhile.
    (Where’s a Wegmans when you need it?)

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