Claim Your Space

Claim your sanity by claiming your space.

We live in a material world filled with gadgets, keyboards, remote controls, switches, buttons and other devices. A way to keep sane is to walk away from it for a set period of time. For some people, five minutes away from technology is too long. For others a week or two maybe needed to reclaim themselves.

Just tonight my friend said she’s going to bed early so she can get up and watch the red moon. This is a perfect way to claim alone time. Finding time to BE and enjoy a full moon, eclipse, sunrise or sunset can be rejuvenating.

Fence posts along dirt rd in Felt IDQuiet time in meditation  allows you to be totally present. The worries, self-talk, doubt, struggles and chatter are put on hold. For some it’s about watching the moon. For some, it’s waiting for the sun to rise. For some, it’s walking on a path in the crisp morning air. For some, it’s about sitting in a comfy chair surrounded by sunlight.

For just a brief moment in time, let go of what happened in the past and what might happen in the future and just relax your shoulders in the here and now. As the shoulders relax, so will your breathing.   I hope you claim some space today, tomorrow and each day so you can give your brain a rest.

So simple.

So difficult.

So necessary.

8 thoughts on “Claim Your Space

  1. so, so important to our health in every way, to have space to simply be. On a different level, I smiled when I saw the title of this because today I plan to claim the sun-room here as my space for writing and reading.


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