Everyday Life at the Library: Amen!

I’m here again. Surrounded by students, mothers, teens, cyclists, tutors and volunteers. I’m at OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the library and it’s connected to a community college. There is a sign on the door that says no food but I look up and see an open bottle of soda on a table, next to me is a young man eating a sandwich; a volunteer is perched on her seat ready to answer questions with a soft drink nearby.

To be truthful, beside me and out of sight I have a cup of water and a small bag of pretzels to snack on. I think the policy is actually to ignore people who may eat or drink in here as long as they don’t leave a mess.

cds at libraryAcross from me is a student with a pile of books who just answered the cell phone. She is talking quietly (which is nice) and the overall atmosphere is one of study and learning. Laptops are open and the majority of those around me are focused. Ok, she is still talking on the phone and this writer, for one is not liking the sound of her voice anymore – but it is quiet in a library sort of way.

This wing of the library is sunny, comfortable and quiet. The student is off the phone and all is well again. There are 2 group study rooms across from me with the invitation to use the room if you are a group of 2 or more for up to 2 hours. It’s perfect for a student-tutor work session or a group project gatherideep bookshelfng or such.

I am drawn to libraries in a way that;s like coming home. There are books, computers, magazines, music, newspapers, and so many other avenues of learning. I know librarians don’t make much money but I always longed to work in a library.

For me, being in a library is sort of like being in a church. I feel awe and an amazing feeling of gratitude. The fact that I can borrow almost anything in this entire building is so cool. In fact, I can borrow many, many items. And best of all, I can borrow from several different libraries across the state all at once and return them to my local library… sweet, huh?

Strega Nona at libraryI can view new art, listen to authors, play games with other gamers, take my grandson to story hour and take classes on how to use various software products. How wonderful is that? Yes, we all pay taxes for these privileges but how many people actually have a library card and use these services?

And did you know you can download audio books and ebooks to your electronic devices? You don’t even need to visit a library.

For me, going to the library is like Christmas – I walk away with something wonderful, something I didn’t have to buy and something unexpected. It’s not just good, it’s amazing!

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9 thoughts on “Everyday Life at the Library: Amen!

  1. My computer was on the blink…so visited our library and used theirs for a couple of weeks…( I actually have a card now!) … wandering through …browsing the books…I just love the smell…but, as others are doing…not using this wonderful building to the fullest!


  2. I hardly ever go to our library. At the moment its in temporary premises while having massive multi million pound revamp. When I read that yours has e books I was impressed and thought ours here wouldn’t, so I checked and it does. Amazing to have learnt such a thing from someone thousands of miles away 🙂


  3. Oh Marge, I could not agree with you more. Right now we live 100 yards from the Deadwood Library and it is always a mini-vacation to walk through it’s doors. When looking back on our travels, two of our all time favorite places to visit were libraries: Trinity Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. One more important aspect of libraries we don’t often take in to account is the immigrant views. In Boulder, CO they talked about the wonders of the library and how they could not believe that you could check out books; take them home, bring them back and then check out new books, all for free! Yes, one can count your lucky stars if a library is your friend.


  4. Libraries are a great resource and nice to have when you need a pc or internet connection. For me it’s a place to go and pick something at random as a way to entertain, educate and surprise me.


  5. So cool that your library offers you something that is useful and accesible. The best thing for me is to go online and view various audio books which I can download from the comfort of my home. Then I take a walk and listen to another book… are we lucky or what?


  6. The first time I visited a library I was in the 4th grade. I remember looking around in awe at all the books and that I could borrow them for free. I am still amazed!

    I go to libraries for solitute, for inspiration, and for entertainment. It’s a way to recharge my batteries.. Lucky, lucky us!!


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