The Teacher Within…

For me it’s about learning and sharing what I’ve learned.

I missed my calling to be a teacher so instead became a trainer. Working with adults and watching them ‘get it’ when a concept clicks is a wonderful experience. I’ve found people learn best when they can ask questions in a safe environment, knowing their question will be acknowledged and addressed.

I also know that people learn best when they can ‘do’ instead of watch. When you learn to tie a knot, paint a picture, mix colors, enter data in Excel, crop a photo, bake a cake, dance the waltz, saw a board, write a book, catch a fish, hike a trial, comment on a blog – it’s in the doing.

So, now for sharing:

I read a book recently titled, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye. In the book, Harold decided to visit a dying friend. He started off to mail her a letter but as he approached each postbox he held back and walked to the next one and then to the next… And so began a walk that lasted several months. As he walked he found out things about himself; he remembered what was important, reviewed times that he let others down, wondered about his marriage, and took us along with him as he sorted out his past. While he was processing, his wife back home was doing the same. She let go of things, admitted truths that she had ignored, dug a garden, tended her flowers and finally, allowed Harold his time away.

The story touched me because the couple that sat at the table on page one slowly thawed and came back to life by the end of the book. We (the readers) were along on the pilgrimage as well. We were able to reevaluate the characters as their story unfolded. We were able to allow, forgive and understand.

Harold Frye’s life was dull and sad and his pilgrimage gave him new perspective and appreciation for the things that were important to him. It touched me and stuck with me after the last page was turned.

That’s all I have to share for now!

Let me know if something touches your soul today (a book, poem, flower, blog post, baby’s giggle, bike ride?)


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4 thoughts on “The Teacher Within…

  1. This is beautiful Marge Katherine, and thank you for sharing. I LOVE the photo of the flowers, and the story you describe made me feel happy for the couple. What touched me today was another message from a friend. Due to a sticky kind of circumstance we had to refrain from communications for a little while, but all ok now 🙂
    Like you, I love to share … people (friends and acquaintances) by introducing them to others. I love to show other newbies to Greenville places they have not been to before. I have already been called the Connector 🙂
    And, I love learning new things, meeting new people, listening for God’s whispers and being guided by Him.


  2. Hi Ann,
    It seems our paths have been very similar these past 12 months or so. It’s been exciting and now it’s time to meet, grow, explore, listen, learn and enjoy! It’s all good, isn’t it? Thanks so much for your visit and comments, it’s always a pleasure to see you here.


  3. Yup, really good. And I want so much more out of my life…to know the way and how to the path God wants for me. In the meantime, I take one step and one day at a time with joy and wonder 🙂 Blessings to you Marge Katherine.


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