Appreciating the artist

We all know and love people who can see a new way of doing something. Those people who see a rainy day and turn it into a party or a masterpiece painting.

It’s my belief that we all have that ability inside of us … the ability to charm happiness during a blizzard or to find a rainbow during a depression. Whether we choose to invoke those powers is another thing.

I love being around ‘those kind of people’ don’t you? They raise my spirits and offer an inside look at new possibilities. Humor also delights me. I enjoy when someone can turn words around and give me pause before I laugh.

tulip garageSo last month when I was driving along on a dreary December day, I came across this garage. Someone took something bland and ugly and turned it into art. What fun it was for me to stop my car and hop out to take photos!  And what a delight for the person across the street who now has the opportunity to look at a white tulip all year long instead of a dull concrete wall!

Tulip painted on garage in Lafayette, COArt takes shape in so many ways – through flavors, colors, designs, sounds, words and so much more!  I’d love to see what art has crossed your path lately.

So, now it’s time to get busy appreciating. If you have some art to share, send it my way!

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9 thoughts on “Appreciating the artist

  1. Hi Maxi – for some people that power includes getting up in the morning. For others it’s building a skycraper. For me, it’s putting words down and making them dance and sing and come alive in all kinds of ways!


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