A Blogger’s Best Friend: Askimet

Spam is everywhere:

If you blog then you know about spam. If you don’t blog but just LOVE reading my blog posts then you may not know what bloggers know.

Here it is – spam is everywhere. Some days I get 10-40 spam comments on my blog.

Automated Spam Catcher:

Here is the good news – there is a free ‘spam catcher’ available. It’s called Askimet and it catches the majority of the spam comments and sets them aside for me to delete. Every now and then a good comment gets put in this folder or a spam comment gets posted but it akismet stats99% accurate. If you have a business this tool is a bargain at any price. If you are a personal blog this tool is free.

Once you have it installed it will collect posts that are filled with links. It’s what we need in the email world when our accounts are  taken over.

The 6 month spam total (below) shows the value of this tool. If I had to scour through my posts to make sure all the comments were valid –  I would give up blogging.

6 month spam total


If you blog – this is part of your world,isn’t it?

all time spam

Akismet  - filters out  spam comments

When I went to the Askimet home page this past week the totals changed by the second of the amount of spam that was zapped. If you go to that page today, check the amount of spam that was stopped. 

Where do all these spammers come from???

I think my WP account was spammed and loaded with gobs of code that showed up as a red flag which caused it get to get shut down last week. I don’t know but I am more tuned in, alert and on guard. I update my passwords and avoid any kind of important transaction using my mobile device (iPod Touch).

Is spam something in your world too? Any tips you can to share?

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