Gift # 9 – More Free Learning at Coursera

Coursera is another source of online education. Here you’ll find free courses in the fields of Computer Science; Healthcare, Medicine, and Biology; Society, Networks, and Information; Humanities and Social Science; Mathematics and Statistics; and Economic, Finance, and Business.

Each course includes short video lectures on different topics and assignments to be submitted, usually on a weekly basis. Check out their website and find over 100 courses loaded and available. This is a perfect place to take some courses and decide 1) if this is where you want to learn and study or 2) to take a course and move to the head of the class with your knowledge. Online learning is an excellent method to decide if you are in the right field or not.

If not, keep looking. Another place to find online education is at If you are an educator, sign up for Youtube/Education and you’ll have access to hundreds of playlists of videos that align with common educational standards, organized by subject and grade. These playlists were created by teachers for teachers so you can spend more time teaching and less time searching.  Information taken from

The fun is just beginning – it takes time and patience and tons of time management skills but if you want to learn – the resources are just waiting for you.

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