How your body language shapes who you are!

I watched a great Ted Talk today titled, Your body language shapes who you are by Amy Cuddy. This engaging talk focused on how we (yes, you and I) can do some simple things to empower us.

Arms out wide shouting YES!People who expand  – arms out, arms up, legs out, arms stretched on head, legs crossed taking up LOTS of space… have more power.

People who contract – closed arms, curled up legs, elbows near body, taking up tiny spaces … have no power.

The sweet thing I learned in this video is that by taking a powerful stance, my body takes on a powerful aura. My mind registers that feeling and it shows in my words, actions and demeanor.

Last week I employed the techniques that Amy Cuddy offers during a very depressing phone call.

I stood, reached, arms out, elbows up and as the conversation continued the input from me changed. My tone grew stronger, my stance improved and the overall message evened out as I rose to claim it.

You are really going to like this one!

TED: Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are – Amy Cuddy (2012) (

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8 thoughts on “How your body language shapes who you are!

  1. Sometimes another person or a situation can make me feel small and yet there have been times when i have put on my uniform and put me on the board as shift coordinator and suddenly i have power at my finger tips


  2. Throw those shoulders back, lift your head up high and internally you will feel a shift. That ‘attitude shift’ will come through in your voice, manner and overall affect. Do it girl!


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