No Comfort Zone Challenge: Update

It’s October and I am still finding ways to challenge myself.

One challenge I set and continue to focus on is the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. I signed up in January and continue to write down my books and link back to a source. The cool thing about that challenge is I can look back at my list and see, remember, and smile at the various titles. Some were great and kept me thinking long after the book was returned to the library. I read some sci-fi (really out of my comfort zone), some romance (I doubt I listed those), business, self-help, non-fiction and fiction.

I have more to go and am currently reading two that will be added to the list.

Out of my comfort zone and totally fun!

52 Books

52 books in 52 weeks

9 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone Challenge: Update

  1. I’m so wishy washy…I could never do it…but, I believe reading is so awesome…other worlds…other types of writings…different people and places…I hope some of those books are little bitty with just a few pages…where you could have a little break, ha ha!


  2. I began this project and the thought of it as stayed with me throughout the year and although i haven’t posted lots of things i have done lots of things out of my comfort zone. When i got sick my comfort zone became my bed and self imposed isolation my safety but now i meet with friends and family regularly, i get out of bed most days, i have bought a new camera and stand in public places and take pictures, i allow people to help me when i cannot do something, even something simple, i am now a pescatarian/vegetarian with a craving for bacon sandwiches, i have been to counselling, i have accepted that my life as changed and the list goes on. Thank you for the motivation to get started.


  3. Beverly,

    What a year for you! So many ups and downs and lessons learned and barriers broken.

    Once you get past the part of allowing others to help you, you’ll understand this a way for them to show their love. It’s a tough lesson and once learned makes life so sweet.

    Best wishes to you as you continue to grow, heal and thrive!



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