The card’s in the mail … or is it?

The first post I read today gave me quite a chuckle and a sigh of relief. I Forgot to Mail Your Card Today, Mary pretty much summed up my life. Like Ruth, I usually buy cards in advance and then get to them shortly before the event. Many times, however, I scratch my head and wonder – did I already send the card? If not, where is it? If so — what was it?

Mailboxes on a dirt road in ColoradoSad to say I’ve had recipients of my lovely cards wax and wane about the humor, beauty or uniqueness of the ‘said’ card as I stand on the other end of the phone wishing we were on Skype and I could get a glimpse of this work of art!

And I have been known to send out a second card with a note inside saying “In my mind I already send a birthday card to you but since I’m not sure if I actually sent it, here is another one filled with love and happiness.”

Not only do I get chuckles, I often get a phone call telling me how wonderful it was to receive two birthday cards from me!

Now, I know with Ruth’s post and my plethora of experiences, that you must have had something like this happen to you too – right? If you can remember it, feel free to post and give us all a chuckle!

12 thoughts on “The card’s in the mail … or is it?

  1. It is heartening to know I am not alone. I love the two birthday cards sent and the recipients subsequent phone call. Someone told me they have a friend who buys a stack of belated cards cause she is always late sending them!


  2. I have given up with trying to get birthday cards in the post on time. I send them around the recipients birthday and i am sure it is just as lovely to get the card whenever it arrives – maybe 🙂


  3. Oh yes I have done the same thing. I make a list ahead of time the birthdays and anniversaries coming up the next month, and head to Hallmark. I try to remember to check off each name when I send the card, but occasionally I forget. And then I forget if I acually sent the card or not…so I send another one 🙂


  4. I sometimes send two, just in case, but instead of heading to Hallmark, I head to Dollar Tree. I became disgusted with Hallmark when I learned they trashed the cards not sold rather than give them to a worthy organization that may have been able to use them…all went into the dumpster at the back of the store!


  5. Hello! It’s been a while! I’m one of those that haven’t sent a card to someone in a long time 😦 E-cards or just a call or short test to wish them is what I do now…unfortunately.


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