Fading away…

Have you noticed that summer seems to be fading away? In the early morning I need a long- sleeved shirt to keep me warm!

Red maple leafI love the change of seasons especially when it is a gently unfolding. When the leaves turn and slowly fall instead of a heavy wet snow to tear down the branches still filled and glorious.

I love living in a region with four seasons.

I love the smell of warm leaves.

In Colorado, the autumn consists mainly of gold aspen. It took me a LONG time to appreciate this splendor and stop comparing it to the beauty of Upstate NY.

I adore the cool mornings and evenings.

Have you even stood in a forest and watched the autumn leaves fall? It’s the best!






16 thoughts on “Fading away…

  1. We’re nowhere near that far gone here in New Jersey, but the crape myrtles are blooming – they’re gorgeous when they’re covered with redpink flowers, but melancholy because it’s a sign that summer will end soon. A month from now, it will seem ridiculous that people ever went outdoors in shorts.

    Lalala, not gonna think about it – it’s still peach and tomato season here for another few weeks. 😉


  2. I guess change is inevitable…and I sure like the warm days (not hot)…and cool mornings are great…Noticing changes gradually here in KY too…I’m glad we have the taste of four seasons like you…Just long enough of each…~mkg


  3. As one who lives in Central Florida, don’t know too much about the change of seasons. Still, the weather doesn’t stay the same.

    I love the fall when I walk our little acre; the new birds have arrived and they blanket the front lawn. They flit from tree to tree, singing a song of joy to be here.

    Blessings – Maxi


  4. every morning i open wide my back door to let the night out and the day in. I do this even on the coldest of morning – just for a few minutes – so i will miss being able to sit with the door open all day.


  5. Hi, MargeKatherine,

    I experienced the autumn change in Maine, Colorado, western North Carolina, and Adirondack park. Each location differs completely from all the others, and each location is lovely. And, each is vulnerable to that heavy autumn snow, so I understand your appreciation of a peaceful, quiet autumn day in the woods, watching and listening as the leaves fall.


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