Movie Theater Shootings in Colorado

One of the safest venues in the average American family life has been tainted with a hideous shooting early this morning in Aurora Colorado.

Families with young children and babies, packs of teenagers, adults, and singles alike joined by a love of Batman movies ended up in a hostile environment as a shooter entered through the Exit door and slowly and methodically began shooting.

Under the cover of darkness, in a room with loud noise a young man threw cans of tear gas and then proceeded to shoot and wound over 70 people. So far, fifteen people are reported dead. Many are critically wounded.

The tales of heroism are beginning but so are nights filled with sounds, nightmares and tears.

There is a deep sadness in the eyes of my friends and neighbors. People are more eager to reach out and hug, touch and connect.

All we can do is give love to those closest to us.

Sincerely — MargeKatherine

18 thoughts on “Movie Theater Shootings in Colorado

  1. So awful. I, too, thought of you when I heard about this evil idiocy. Yes, we all need to love the people close to us (actually, we should be doing that anyway; you never know when someone in your circle, or you yourself, might get accidentally run over by the proverbial bus). In addition, I plan to refuse to remember the killer’s name; a small gesture, but some people like this seem to have acted partly because they wanted to be famous.


  2. Heart felt post my friend, this trgedy seems to be another one that goes down in the awful books of this kind of crime. Hold on tight to those nearest and dearest, we cannot answer the why.
    But what we do know is that our Kingdom is not of this Earth. God Bless us all ~BB


  3. Just like Columbine, I thought of you first!
    Knowing you and you’re family are safe,
    I, like you, turn my thougths and prayers to all the
    families who have ben touched by this hideous deed.
    What they all must be going through?!
    And the father of the shooter, what that man must be going though.
    Knowing the poor souls that lost thier lives,
    Just a night out at the movies… My God.
    (So glad you’re ok maggie)


  4. Well written. I, too, thought of you. What are we not doing for these young people that cause them to act out these horrible crimes against humanity.
    All of America weeps.


  5. I used to live in Aurora (once upon a time). I know those areas well. I also lived near Columbine when that shooting happened. Brought back a lot of sad memories and more to come for the newest survivors and victims.


  6. And this shooting will certainly trigger some of the pain and nightmares felt by those who experienced the Columbine shooting. Again, a senseless tragedy with innocent victims.


  7. This sounds something like the way people were in New York City after 9/11 —
    quiet, respectful to one another, reflective, sobered. Sad, of course. But aware of being a part of a larger community.


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