Weekly Photo Challenge: Today’s Gas Prices

Price of gas in Greeley Colorado on June 7 - 2012
The cost of gas today in Greeley, Colorado (June 7, 2012).

This price per gallon has come down over the past few months and I expect it to come down a bit more since this is an election year. We shall see…

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today’s Gas Prices

  1. It is quite amazing how we adjust. Last week, the price of fuel went down to $1.19 per litre (Ottawa-Canada) and I thought how great it was and jumped at the chance to fill the car. It really wasn’t all that long ago that the fuss was when it went over a dollar! Crazy!


  2. Hi,
    Our gas prices here in Oz goes up and down all the time as well, but you may be right if you are having an election soon it may get cheaper for a short period. 🙂


  3. Sorry yours is still TOO high. When I left last week on my trip to Massachusetts for a writers’ workshop the gas by me was down to $3.39, but filling up in Greenville SC on the way was $3.06. Last leg of the return journey yesterday, I filled up in Greenville at $2.99, and the station near my house here in Georgia was down 7 cents to $3.32.


  4. Just this evening I bought regular here in New Jersey for $3.49 a gallon…it’s nice to see prices come down, but it’s maddening to think of such high prices as an improvement!!


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