Do More of What Makes You Happy (No Comfort Zone for sure!)

Do more of what makes you happy!Can you do more of what makes you happy or does this take you out of your comfort zone?

I’d like to think I am leading a fearless life but in reality I am not. To do more of what makes me happy, I would be hiking every day. I’d be training for some challenge down the road. I’d be writing the story of my life; I’d be organizing group events as a way to get together with friends and family.

Instead, I am wondering about interviewing for a job that ties me down. How do I drop the shoulders, breathe in deeply, throw out my arms and welcome the unlimited possibilities around me? That’s not easy to do when I’m driving to work.

Perhaps, instead of heading to the office,  I drive into the mountains? I find a cabin and hunker down for a week. I write, I walk, I sing, I eat, I dance and I fill up my days with the things that make me happy. ThEstes Park, Rocky Mt National Foresten after I am satiated, I come down from the mountain.

The following week, I get in my car and head east to my workplace. When the car turns west towards the mountains, I sit back and enjoy the ride.

I’ve always wanted a mountain home. A place I could retreat to on weekends. Then I realized, I don’t actually have to own the home … I just want a place available to me so I can do more of what makes me happy.  I’ll let you know how it all unfolds.

12 thoughts on “Do More of What Makes You Happy (No Comfort Zone for sure!)

  1. Marge – thinking of you, as I get ready to drive to work (instead of the beach)…
    From the Course in Miracles, yesterday’s reading on p. 110 Lesson 66 –
    “My happiness and my function are one.”
    “God gives me only happiness.
    He has given my function (purpose) to me.
    Therefore my function must be happiness.”
    God, Creator, Spirit… wants us to be happy!

    I am kind of in the same place as you… wondering if my job is the way, and yet circumstances seem to send me to town instead of the beach?
    Sharing publicly from the Course in Miracles is way out of my CoZ… I’d rather be COZy. Lots of inquiry going on. Lots of deep sharing…

    I will be writing more about this on blog, about the NoCZ of this… Meanwhile, I salute YOU for leading the way here. You are seen. You are heard. You are loved… and you are not alone!


  2. Ah Starbear, thanks so much for your comment. I AM grateful for my job but I also know that if it goes away, I will be fine, I will survive and most likely I will thrive.

    Sharing about Course in Miracles is huge because it defines you and tells us (the reading public) a little bit more about who you are. Removing the mask is unnerving and also freeing, isn’t it?

    Alas, it is time to head east …


  3. Ash Marge and Starbear…here is your sister. My soul, my spirit sink whenever I think about having to find a regular job again. I am happiest having the time to write, to read (some about writing, creating, and my blogger friends who inspire me), and spending quality time with friends in person … usually over a cuppa 🙂

    Everyone needs to find their joy, and even if you don’t have it as often as you would like…make time to be in that space, to do what brings you joy as God does want us to be happy.


  4. Hi Ann, I agree that we all need to find our own joy and once we do – find a way to embrace it as a friend! Blogging works for me. long walks and yes, a cuppa will top it off just perfectly! Thanks for your inspirational words!


  5. Oh my goodness I just noticed I wrote “Ash” instead of “Ah” !!! 🙂
    What brings me special joy is going to Greenville, SC, spend time walking around downtown…especially along the river walk alongside of the Reedy River which runs through downtown and under the Main St. bridge, turns into a waterfall right next to Falls Park which is also right off Main St. I take time to sit on the swing under the big tree right next to the river and watch the people. People there are so friendly, they smile and say hello as they pass and someone always stops for a conversation at some point during my time in Greenville. It is the place I finally found is HOME to me, and have been making friends there.


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