Another year, another Lent!
Lots of movement this year! More water, less tv and many more books! What’s not to love?

Happily ... after retirement

As a Catholic child, Lent was a time of year to ‘give up’ something. During the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, we were taught to give up or abstain from worldly pleasures. Now, worldly pleasures for a small kid in a big family is an ambiguous term. So we gave up something we cherished. Again, living in a home with limited treats, no desserts and no allowance, my worldly pleasures were already few. I remember one year I gave up chewing gum and candy and fighting with my siblings. Another time I gave up candy… not too difficult when there’s none in the house.

In my adult years, I’ve embraced Lent as my 6 week New Year’s Resolution. I can do anything for 6 weeks, can’t you?

During Lent, I find ways to improve things about me. Here’s my plan for this year:

  • Steps. Increase steps to…

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  1. It is an interesting topic. I have heard of others who are not Catholic, but follow the tradition of Lent by giving up something.
    Today I attended a funeral at church. One of my favorite Priest said the funeral Mass and spent time with us after at the reception/lunch. He actually sat at the same table I was sitting at with some friends. The topic of Lent and the questioning of others “What are you giving up for Lent?” Father said he believes we should as God what He wants us to give up 🙂


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