What a wonderful treat to read this post about the No Comfort Zone 2012 Weekly Challenge! Yippee for us!!

A Daily Life

One of the more unusual challenges in 2012 is that of the “no comfort zone” by Marge Katherine at the Inside Out Cafe.  Marge encourages her readers and fellow bloggers to every week take a step outside of their comfort zone and do something different.

I very much enjoyed reading Marge’s posts on this, from her writing to other bloggers to join the challenge, to wearing a dress to work, to learning to fix the toilet herself.  Her posts and sidebar lists other bloggers who are participating with her, so there’s plenty to check out.

Marge is very clear – if it isn’t fun, drop out.  It’s meant to stretch you and enlarge your life, not diminish it.  I love that piece of advice from her.

Getting out of the comfort zone is another great way for bloggers to have material worth writing about.

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  1. Also – thanks for subscribing to my blog! That was very nice.

    Did you realize I have two of them? You subscribed to my regular one, Living The Seasons. I wrote about your challenge on A Daily Life, which is geared to writers, bloggers & diarists. Many of my subscribers are on both, but for some (like my family), they are not interested in writer resources.


  2. This morning I gave my second talk to the Wednesday Women’s networking group. Although I enjoy talking to others, giving talks to groups makes me nervous. Prior to the event I ask God for his help to make it good and … so I don’t sound like an idiot 🙂 It went very well…”thanks God!”


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