And the winner is …

About a year ago I came across a book called The Power of Kindness By Piero Ferrucci. It was a sweet book filled with words that captured my heart. After reading, I wrote down the following paragraph. OK, so who writes down a whole paragraph? The words spoke to me and me alone. I think I needed to know that what I do, what I love to do, is my talent.

The faculty of contact is a true talent – like musical, literary or athletic talent. Some people are talented jugglers or mathematicians. Some are talented in making contact with each other…Knowing the right way to engage, a comment that breaks the ice, body language that expresses openness and spontaneity, a look that, without invading, touches you deeply.

It took me a long time to realize that what comes so easily to me are my talents.  The ability to ‘work the room’, meet new people, speak in public, lead an effort, write a blog, design a newsletter, and put others at ease … is where I shine.

The faculty of contact is a true talentSince the art of contact, communication and interaction come so naturally I used to think 1) anybody can do this, 2) it’s no big deal 3) it’s not really a talent.  Since I didn’t play an instrument, win awards, create a sculpture, win an Oscar, or design a building, I figured I was hopeless.

But here I am … talented beyond measure. I read, write, learn, share, teach, train, engage, inspire, include, and blog.  I’ve come out of the closet and shared a little bit more about me. Here I am, stepping out of my zone, strutting my stuff and smiling the whole time.

‘What now,’ she wonders…


17 thoughts on “And the winner is …

  1. Funny how we do that to ourselves, isn’t it? We so quickly overlook the most gifted parts of who we are. I’ve heard this language from others: ‘it’s easy.’ And yet, not everyone can do what YOU do, what I do, what THEY do. We forget. I love this post…of remembering, acknowledging, savoring who you are. Love to you. xo


  2. Thanks Jackie again for your insight. We are all unique and have our own talents, don’t we? It’s when we learn to own them, embrace them and invite others in to enjoy them …that we know we’ve arrived!


  3. Thanks for your comments and kind words. You know, I think others can only appreciate our skills, talents and accomplishments after we acknowledge them and own them. And I’ve certainly owned mine, huh?!


  4. You’ve always had such an ease with people. Could it be where you were in your large family that helped you become so out going today? Where do you think this came from? Do you feel your father’s easy nature and great sense of humor and your mother’s out going nature helped you to be the person you are today? Or do you feel this is something you’ve aquired through your own life experience, or both?
    All those qualities you write about are true. You have such a natural talent with people and you put them at ease, and your listening skills make people feel special.
    I’m really happy you can feel proud of yourself! And i know how that would put you way outside of your comfort zone in another time or place. you go Marge,
    you are something special… sue


  5. I never understood that what comes so naturally to me and my siblings is … indeed … our talent. There is no hesitation in striking up a conversation, eliciting information, offering praise, asking questions and listening. Because that comes so easily, I never considered it as a talent. And as I realize it and step out to annouce it – my comfort zone walls are pushed back just a little bit more. Whoo Hooo! LOve to hear from you!! xo


  6. Marge – beautiful post. Saying Yes, saying yes to your/our gifts… Not having met you in person, your talent for bringing people together, facilitating communication, is a gift, talent, skill. Look what you’ve done with NoCZ !
    I am behind on reading and posting – plowing a lot of snow and doing what I’m good at… teaching. My no comfort zone is also being expanded. Thank you!


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