Judgement and Perceptions: NoCZ-2012

No Comfort Zone 2012 Weekly Challenge badgeI found this wonderful video on Magsx2′s blog. Going to the movies turned out to be an amazing act of getting out of your comfort zone for these moviegoers.
What would you have done?


14 thoughts on “Judgement and Perceptions: NoCZ-2012

  1. Now THAT is a NoCZ! Oh so many messages! And I found it interesting that with the one couple the woman wanted to stay but her male partner is the one who chose for them to leave. The older couple was priceless. Wonder what I would have done in that situation? I would like to think that I would be one of the ones to stay, but I don’t know. Fantastic.


  2. What a great video. I was very impressed by the message it sent and proud of the ones who sat down. Stepping out of our comfort zone isn’t always easy but sometimes makes up better people.


  3. LOVE this. I am not sure what I would have done, but I can say that I bet I would sit down now 🙂 I am currently struggling with a perception I have about another person in my neighborhood. Yet from past experiences I know I could be completely wrong. However, even if someone is not a bad person, but has personality issues we are uncomfortable with we don’t have to socialize with them. Yet we can still be kind AND not say negative things about them.


  4. I think my issue would have been climbing over everyone to get that seat! I must really have wanted to see that movie!
    1) I always stand up and let the person pass (can’t they?)
    2) Perhaps they would scooch to the middle and let me sit on the end?

    Totally out of my comfort zone, you are sooooo right!


  5. Great comment – live every day like our actions will be broadcast to the world.
    With integrity and honesty… and set a new standard.

    Now, if only our politician and those running for election would heed those words.


  6. LOVE!!! I got chills….this is so great Marge. What a clear example of how our fears can control us, keep us from just BEING. Truly – there was nothing to fear, but it’s all in how we perceive the situation. Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face and my heart this morning. xoxo


  7. I really enjoyed this alot. I think for me, it would have depended on who I was with.
    And I agree, it wouldn’t be staying that would bother me, as much as I would hate to crawl all over people to get there. Great message!!!


  8. Jackie – Like you I smiled, giggled and then sat back and wondered what I would do. First of all, I’d be a bit frustrated in having to climb over everyone. Please just EVERYONE move to the center … (it’s all about me). And I would feel claustrophobic and then if I really wanted to watch the movie …

    Totally gets me out of my comfort zone!


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