It came to me in a flash …(NoCZ-2012)

Sometimes the idea comes over time and sometimes it comes in a flash. Last night it came in a flash. I was entering a building where I had a monthly board meeting. This was one of my “sure, I’ll apply for the open position on the board.” And I was accepted. The flash was I was stepping down. I can accomplish more on a subcommittee.

This is not the right fit for me. I don’t know (or care) about which category turkeys are in (they need a different category for the larger (40+ lbs.). The Royalty were crowned, someone stepped down (she took my idea) but before she did she handed over a 6 page document (explained in detail) of everything she did and suggestions on how to make it bigger, better and more attractive to the unsuspecting public. This hard-working committee of 18 (Yes, 18) is a great group of people and have a vested iYour time is limited. Dont Waste it living someone elses lifenterest in the outcome of the yearly event. I have a small part that does not include lambs, turkeys, goats, weaving, painting, blueberry muffins or the price of beef. My focus is getting a FiddleFest up and running. See where I’m coming from?

Ok, back to me. I can assist this board but not by being bored. I can work on a subcommittee – get my part done (I’ll keep you posted on this as I ramp it up) and avoid meetings that make me cringe.

  • Discomfort – admitting I shouldn’t be on this board.
  • Discomfort- having to call the President and let him know he’s losing a board member but gaining a great worker bee.
  • Discomfort – realizing that saying ‘yes’ isn’t always good.

Growth – knowing I’m doing what’s best for me.
Stretching – wondering where else I need to assert myself and say ‘No’.

It’s about honoring me, my time commitments and my desires. Simple, right?

Words of wisdom are welcome!

20 thoughts on “It came to me in a flash …(NoCZ-2012)

  1. Ianus Christius’re right about that ideas come in a flash. Almost all the stories and says that I wrote in my book came in a blink of an eye, as you say in flash. I think that the best ideas in human history came in that way. greets from Croatia…


  2. I had to go through this thought process when I decided to leave Weight Watchers as a Leader. With my full time and grad school, it was becoming to much. Congrats on choosing the right decision for you. The board will also benefit from this long-term.


  3. I SO get this. I’m currently assessing a commitment I’ve made – something about it feels heavy and not quite flowing. Uncertain if it’s my own apprehension to being ‘committed’ to it, or just that the energy isn’t quite right. We begin tomorrow, so time will tell. As I contemplated today whether I should be backing out, I just couldn’t get peace with that either. A friend last week shared that she had a similar situation and something magical came out of it. I know that if/when I’m supposed to say NO thank you, I’ll know it for certain, as you did. I so appreciate you sharing this experience. xoxo


  4. LOL! Good for you! As I discern when/where to say no, the yesses become clearer commitments. Following your heart, your interest, your commitment to being a part of the whole… and not spreading yourself thin… Sometimes it’s simply about respecting your own boundaries. Trusting the flashes! You go girl!


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  7. Hi Croatia,
    I think you are right, ideas do come that quickly but many times we dismiss them, ignore them or let others talk us out of them. But they are the tiny lights we need to follow. Thanks so much for the visit and comment!


  8. Well put Starbear — the Yes becomes clearer when I discern when to say NO! Excellent and so true! I think I get caught up in the ‘honor’ of being invited only to realize the time commitment is too much and the energy isn’t right. The learning process continues!


  9. How is it that such a small word can be so difficult to say/do? I find if I keep focused on the “Why” it keeps things clear for me. That why needs to align with my life purpose if it doesn’t it is probably just a distraction.


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