What makes you come alive?

dont ask what the world needs. ask what makes you come alive

What are those things that makes you come alive?

I adore spending one day a week with my grandson.

I look forward to letting myself be 3 years old again except this time I get to plan the activities. This week was a visit to a regional airport and a car wash. Last week was the library and playground. Trains, planes and trucks bring him happiness. It seems the most basic things thrill us!

I find that when I am writing in my blog I lose track of time. I sit down and perhaps an hour or more is gone before I realize it. I adore reading what others are doing in the No Comfort Zone 2012 Challenge, too. Whether they are making pie, parellel parking, sitting quietly in silence, wearing dresses to work or just learning a new word each day – I am enthalled with the steps we are taking. Baby steps, leaps, baby steps, lunges, baby steps.

Each step takes us closer to the authentic us. The alive and passionate us. The person we look forward to spending our time with!

Passion is what makes us smile.

What are you passionate about?



15 thoughts on “What makes you come alive?

  1. I think for me as a teacher I find myself feeling very alive when I realise something I have said or taught has stayed with someone, resonated with them – when I see that light click on behind their eyes, and their faces light up with understanding – that always makes me feel very alive.
    I must agree kids make me feel alive too. I don’t have kids of my own (yet), but I know plenty of people who do and I always love playing with them. Usually it ends in me being silly and pretending to hurt myself to make them laugh and giggle, but it’s a nice feeling.


  2. What makes me come alive is my writing. I get so into what I want to share that I lose track of time. Also, reading other blogs like yours and seeing what is on the writer’s mind.
    Also, singing and encouraging others is what makes me come and feel alive.

    Beautiful post.


  3. Oh I so have the same time issue when I am blogging…I think that is why I went on hiatus for 2 months.

    Since we don’t believe in coincidence I will just say I just finished a post on being Alive today. Taking chances and risks, stepping out of that comfort zone. http://wp.me/1PaX2


  4. I hear ya, April! I get in trouble when I sit at the computer first thing in the morning. I get lost in the ideas and words and totally lose track of time. Not a good thing when I’m in my bathrobe and late for work! Thanks for your compliments and sweet words!


  5. What if next week at this time I knew I would die. What would I do differently this week? Would I go to the office or would I take the week off and spend time with those people I love? Would I do those things that scare me or would I spend time in nature?

    The thing is I am going to die… someday. So, waiting till then to start to live is silly. Hence … No Comfort Zone!

    Great to have you visit me!


  6. Marge Katherine, This topic is a great companion to topic question “What Brings You JOY?” I used as my talk to a networking group in November; and a part of my new year blog post http://amarquette333.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/2012-goals-to-a-new-and-better-year/

    Remembering what brings us joy can be the same as “what makes you come alive” and vice versa.

    Like you, writing brings me joy, makes me forget the time passing, and makes me feel alive being true to myself.

    What REALLY MAKES ME FEEL “ALIVE” is when I am in Greenville, SC and I feel energized, motivated, inspired, a sense of endless possibilities…and “at home.”


  7. littlemissteacherlady

    Great quote. Great blog. I think if we find out what really brings out the best in us, then we can make the best of a mundane situation. For example, I can listen to something I really enjoy (which I love) as I wash up the pots (which I despise!)


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