Coming Out of the Blogging Closet

It’s easy to hide behind words and then walk away. Over the past year I’ve blogged about a wide range of things. I wrote about my grandson, writers block, getting my car searched in Salt Lake City, my favorite foods, internet tips and tricks, hikes and so much more. I have a lovely record of 2011 because of my daily posts!

What I didn’t do, was tell those closest to me about my blogging life. Most people are aware of the upbeat and sociable me but few realized I am also a world famous blogging personality who is highly sought for my genius and insight.

So my first action in the No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge (NoCZ-2012) is to invite them to my blog, let them read my posts, view my photos and allow them to meet the online me.

Will they come and visit, read and comment? I hope so. Will they bookmark my blog or Follow me and stay tuned? I hope so. Will they take the NoCZ-2012 Challenge? Whooo Hoooo! That would be cool if they did!

I included this in my email to them…

“My first assignment is to write this and ask you to visit my blog and share it with a 3-4 others. The fact is, I am a writer and I love to write, interact, create and lead. Mostly I do it quietly and in secret, however, I’m inviting you to take a look around, click the Like or Follow button and leave a comment to say Hello!…”

And now you have it. I’ve come out of the closet as a blogger and my world isn’t going to end because of it. Whew!

On to the next challenge …


Take the NO COMFORT ZONE-2012 CHALLENGE!  (NoCZ–2012)

  • DO something out of the ordinary and blog about it each week. If you are not a blogger, leave a comment on my page so we can follow your adventures!

23 thoughts on “Coming Out of the Blogging Closet

  1. Congratulations Marge. What a wonderful challenge for you! I tell all of my friends and family about my blog… sometimes just to let them know what I’m up to. Do they read it? A few. Some good online friends that I’ve met in courses, a cousin, a childhood friend. I currently have 50 subscribers, most of whom are other bloggers… about 30 people a day read my blog. And that is all okay with me. Congratulations on sharing this challenge! Gives me an idea for one of my own, too! (Maybe 3 or 4…)! 🙂


  2. Lindsey

    Wow! So glad to learn that I am not alone. I get so insecure about my blogging. I truly enjoy it and wish I was confident to share with more people. I hope that sometime during 2012 I will choose to make a bold move like you!


  3. mkmercurio

    Why is it so hard I wonder? It’s fun, I enjoy it and yet I still struggle to share it … but I did! I wrote emails to 15 family and friends asking them to read it and share it with others.

    Perhaps it’s because we’re artists and we feel our work is never complete, ready or good enough? Who knows – it’s time to BUST FREE! Look out 2012!


  4. mkmercurio

    I’ve invited 15 family/friends to read my blog and share it with others. Will they? I don’t know …but I did something that felt uncomfortable and I did it anyhow. The world is still turning and all is well. What was all worry about? Hmmm… I may be on to something here!


  5. Loving it! What a fabulous way to present yourself to the ‘world’ and invite those whom you care about most to learn more about you – AND support you! I’m thinking I might send out a similar type of ‘message’ to some people. Can’t wait to see what kind of responses you get. Keep stretching it out…this is going to be a phenomenal year! xoxo


  6. Good one to start with MK. Over the past year I have told most everyone I know that I blog, I share many if not most of my posts on Twitter and Facebook. Some read it, some don’t; most of my commentors are other bloggers.

    There have been times I have considered not sharing my writings at all because I think no one really cares, that I am not good enough as a writer for people to read what I write and if they do they don’t like it (or don’t like it enough to hit the Like button or leave a comment.

    But then, out of the blue someone will write back and say how much something I wrote meant to them, and sometimes that it inspired or encouraged them. So, each time I write and post something online I am stepping out of my comfort zone, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and hoping that maybe one person will enjoy what I wrote, or be inspired or encouraged by it.

    This is inspiring me for my first posting of this new year. Thank you MK.


  7. Hi Margie! It’s Susie Nodzo—remember me? Anne shared your No Comfort Zone Challenge with me, and I *love* the idea 🙂 I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and no one close to me knows about it except Anne and my brother Steve. My blog and my writing reflect my inner self–the “me” I want to be, who I am becoming, and who I am. Oddly, it feels scariest to reveal this to those who are closest to me (Annie doesn’t count; she’s seen me in my underwear).

    Your challenge is perfect for me this year, because I chose “Courage” as my guiding word for 2012.

    Peace keep you, sister :- )


  8. mkmercurio

    Hi Susie! Wonderful for you to visit and comment. It’s strange to unveil ourselves to the blog universe but not to those who know us! What’s that about!? Stay tuned and keep reading – it’s going to be a fun year! Feel free to share my blog link with others who might enjoy a challenge!


  9. mkmercurio

    Hi Ann,
    Writing a blog does take us out of our comfort zone and yet, after a year, I’m not so timid. And now that I’ve opened the door to many of my family and friends – whoosh! That was wild and uncomfortable. And yet, some wonderful people have posted to support me. Sweet, huh?


  10. mkmercurio

    It’s as if I needed to blog in secret and now that I’ve come out of the closet, my friends and family are supporting me and even better, sharing my email with people they love! How lucky I am! And I’m having fun…


  11. mkmercurio

    It was difficult to hit the Send button … ugh and yet the response was so sweet! Baby steps, huge lunges, baby steps!


  12. Hey nuvofelt, Many family, friends, and others who don’t write cannot understand why we spend the time doing so. I was blessed with great positive responses from everyone when my first book was published (before they even read it). Sadly I heard from other newly published authors who got very negative comments from family, friends, and strangers who did not even try reading their work. We have to remember that others have their own realities and life experiences which keeps them from opening their heart to be happy for others, and their minds to walk on the good side of understanding.


  13. mkmercurio

    Well said Ann! And bravo to you for letting your family know how you spend your time, nuvofelt! On to the next challenge!


  14. excellent move on your part. My friends and family know I blog. Sometimes, they stop in to comment or just read… ♥Happy ♥New ♥Year ♥ & TY for connecting! 🙂


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