Museums Online: An Afternoon of Bliss

The internet is full of it, isn’t it?

San Francisco, CA USA museum
San Francisco, CA USA museum

You name it and you can find it on the web. Sweet, isn’t it?

Go to any search engine and enter ‘online museums’ and sit back and expect to be entertained.

At Smithsonian Museums you’ll find links to 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoological Park. Plan to have a fun-filled afternoon going to different and wonderful places.

Want to find a specific museum in the US? Check this link to see a list of over 1500 US museums.

For a world wide guide — go to or to Virtual Library Museum page.

Learning on the internet as in all aspects of life is limited by us. If we want to learn, read, grow and achieve – the resources are here.

Here’s a virtual museum full of people, colors, clothes and brand new to the online world. Take a look:

Have any favorite websites you visit on a regular basis to get your ‘learning fix’?

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