Thanksgiving: A Day Like No Other

In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November. That’s less than a week away.

Give thanks bannerGrowing up, it was always a favorite time for me because of all the food (turkey is my favorite), my mom made pies (this was a ‘holiday-only’ treat), lots of family gathered and there was a festive feeling in the air. When the meal was over, the table was cleared and the poker games began. The laughter, yelling and cigarette smoke are in my memory cells.

Moving away from that scene was hard on me. I adored the large gathering of people and I missed that aspect because my clan numbered 4 instead of 24. It never felt right cooking a big turkey (yes, my favorite) for 4.

Over the years my clan has dwindled and I’ve been warmly invited into a new brood – one with lots of noise, people and hugs. And guess what I miss? Cooking that big turkey (uh huh, my favorite). I want to have my own celebration – with friends coming by and bringing food. I want to have the noise and festive atmosphere – right here.

So, if you’re around with no place to go – make a pie and bring it by.

I’ll warm you up a plate and save you a chair.

And we can share our words of gratitude together.


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: A Day Like No Other

  1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but our Christmas celebrations are similar. I understand exactly how you feel, I’m in the same state…….

    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving, wherever you are.


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  4. I understand the need for the big feast with the laughter and the smoke and the yelling and the turkey. I’m from a large extended family myself and it’s hard to cook for just a few people — I still always cook too much. Hope you cook a turkey just the way you like it and all your family and friends – real and virtual – join you at the table. Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. mkmercurio

    I did cook a turkey and have had turkey chile, turkey soup and today I made turkey stew! I love them all and am so glad I made a turkey! When I am a guest at friend’s I hesitate to take leftovers. Or to be honest – I want to take ALL the leftover turkey but that would be … what’s the word… oh yes – that would be rude!


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