Here’s to your health Joe!

Last week I was not feeling so great.

My voice had disappeared. Instead I had a deep chest cough.

I’m better now, my voice is back (a bit squeaky), my cough is gone (almost) and I feel wonderful. Being sick isn’t fun, but at least I was able to be in my bed, with my pillow, my sounds and smells.

For those folks in a hospital – to one person in particular – it’s hard. Your schedule is lined up with the schedule of the hospital. You are at the mercy of the people that come anThe difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do.d go and you can only pray they have no cough (ahem…) or colds (oops!) or nasty germs.

The best place to heal is at home with chicken broth, juices, flowers and your pillow.If you’ve been in a hospital, you know how absolutely wonderful it is to return home. A few minutes of tears are allowed as you enter your castle.

Putting yourself first by not talking calls, visitors or entertaining is the only way to heal. Having a spouse or parent or child to be that guard dog is a good thing. Rest, sleep, heal. Once that’s over it’s time to sit, bark, play.

But first, you must get home. Soon? I sure hope so.

Sending love from my broken desk to your hospital bed…


3 thoughts on “Here’s to your health Joe!

  1. I’ve been on the mend of late so I can relate… Sometimes we need to get medical care up close… Anyway, my recent health moments have made me appreciate my life and health more. Hope you continue to recover well… 😉


  2. Hi Marge

    I love your message, the difference between who you are and what you want to be, is what you do.

    I absolutely agree.

    If you sit back and don’t do anything, then nothing will happen. If you have a dream, you have to take steps to achieving that dream by what you do and little by little you will get there.

    You are a true inspiration.

    Bless You.

    Sandra Bellamy


  3. Thanks Sandra!
    Glad you liked my post — I think we all need reminders of what we are capable of doing – especially for those of us who begin and then get stuck or lose our motivation. We have an amazing audience of helpers who can give us what we need or just be there with support. Thanks again!


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