Blogging 101: Something Wild & Crazy

You know – we’ve all been blogging for the past year and we’ve become a community of writers, bloggers, friends and fans.

I’m wondering if we can take this to a new level? By this time, blogging probably isn’t scary any longer like it once was and I propose we try something different and intimidating. Like putting our voice out there (podcasting) or connecting with each other using Skype or creating and posting videos (called video logs or vlogs) or creating an online conference where we can connect, collaborate and grow something unique.

What else? Maybe we can begin a blog where we all add a paragraph or post a photo and all create a story around it?

My blogging friends are an amazing group of writers and we each bring something new and wonderfully unique to our posts. We write about fashion, home, family, travel, hopes, dreams, illness, education, humor and even cemeteries.  We support, unite and encourage each other.

Maybe we can go out and find new bloggers and follow them, add comments and share insights. Remember how cool it was when we first started and someone subscribed to our blog. ‘Way Cool!’

Would you care to be a guest on my blog? I’d love to have you write for me sometime. Care to visit me online and we can create a podcast. Even with these ideas I’m not thinking big enough … this is where groupthink comes in handy!

I suppose it’s because I’m on the edge of this lovely cliff and I want to stretch my arms and soar like an eagle but I want to do it with others and compare our flights, thoughts and observations. And I want to see what photos you took and you can see mine. I want to show you the video of me leaping with my mouth wide open to catch the air. And I want to see your face too.

Guess I’m just crazy but sometimes that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

25 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Something Wild & Crazy

  1. Lovely;….what wrinkles? I’m in…but I don’t know how to vlog….have Skype and can use that and would love to have you as a guest on my blog.

    I also like adding paragraphs to see what happens…perhaps a short story or even a novel created by this community?

    Bravo for you for bringing this up!


  2. I love the idea of a community product centered around … a photo? Image? Event? Someone is going to figure it 4 years ago I’d never consider creating a video for the internet and now it’s part of my post. Skype? How did that get on our radar? It’s wonderful! What will unfold tomorrow? I can’t wait to find out!


  3. The ideas are the easy part, huh? The unfolding and follow through are where the product becomes real. That’s where the energy is exerted. As long as it’s fun, I’ll find the energy!


  4. Hi LInda! Usually I use my camera and put it to the movie setting and download but this time, I turned on the Logictec software (that my camera is associated with) and clicked Video and poof! There I was talking. I named it, saved it and posted it to Youtube… oh the simplicity of it all!

    What mischief can we get into?


  5. I like mischief. This sounds like so much fun. I’m sitting here wondering how much time will be involved though. I tend to take on more than I can handle. My courses start back up in October, so that will take first priority. But I also know that during the quarter, as hectic as it is, if I’m not doing something creative on the side, I struggle . . . academically and emotionally. I would love to participate in something like what you are suggesting. How much time involvement do you think this would require?


  6. Thank you for the Ping back! I wish I could vlog, but even with Sky’s unlimited broadband and the fastest speeds it can muster; it still takes 24 hours to upload 5 minutes of video! Lovely blog you have here 😀 xx


  7. Hi Marge, don’t know how you managed to do it, but, watching your vlog was like being in the same room with you. Really picked up on the excited energy about trying something new and maybe getting into mischief! I like the idea of interacting in a different medium and, with a little guidance, even interactive blogs.
    I do have and use Skype, would be willing to exchange info as things develop. First I have to be sure I know my ID on skype, don’t often look at it and use “remember me” so I don’t have to type it in each time.
    ‘scuse me while I attempt a vlog and post1


  8. Love these ideas! I’m probably one of the few people that have a laptop without a web cam, but I do have camera capabilities on my camera. I LOVE this idea about writing a story around a photo. We can also each write a paragraph and see where the story takes us.


  9. Hi Cecilia – I think fall fever is setting in and I want to play hookey or something totally out of character and I want others with me. More fun and laughter that way!

    The time involved is mostly research – what forum do we use to create this template? Do we create a wiki? Allow other bloggers to my site? Something different? It’s there but I can’t get my head around it. It will come to me when I’m pulling weeds!


  10. I keep wondering what format to use – but maybe we just post a picture and write our own story. Sort of like Weekly Photo Challenge except we write about the same image… too cool!


  11. I got hooked up to Skype yesterday! Hooray!!! hmmmm….now, how to use it. Is that a possibility for what you envision? It looks to me like we could get a group of people on a “conference” type call. If everyone is on Skype, no cost. I’m not sure how to work it with video. My camera can make videos so I may experiment with a vlog. You’ve hooked me!


  12. Cecilia, if you pay for Skype you can involve more people vs just one to one. Another software Oovoo allows you to have conversations with 6 people during the initial free month, then it goes back to one to one. I’d love to connect with you and we can talk about other possibilities! As you might guess, my skype name is margekatherine (I think).


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