I love Autumn!

I know I am bemoaning the end of summer, however, I adorecortland apples autumn. I love the smells, the colors and the way the air feels.
I love the bounty as in the Colorado peaches that drip with juice by just looking at them.

I love NY State apples (I may be getting my favorite kind delivered to me – Cortland apples!)
They taste crunchy, juicy, & sweet. They’re white as cloud on the inside and like a rosy flower on the outside.

I love the crunch under my feet when I hike and the smell of the warm pine needles.
I love the cooler nights and the even cooler mornings.
I don’t like saying goodbye to summer because it’s one more summer gone… but I really do love autumn.

I love the gold aspen silhouetted against the evergreens.
I love listening to the elk bugling and strutting their stuff.
I love autumn, don’t you?

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19 thoughts on “I love Autumn!

  1. We are having a double blessing here. A double autumn. The weather kicked in an early one during August – then it stopped. Now the cooler weather has brought the real one. Flaming leaves in August was a shock, Now it’s more gentle, Yes, I love autumn, and I love this post too.


  2. Now that Autumn is settling in, I am beginning to enjoy all the wonderful things about this time of the year… I can take a long walk and not sweat buckets. The leaves are turning, the earth is quieting down… and to quote you, life is good! 🙂


  3. Yes, there are so many wonderful things that unfold at this time of year and as the air cools and the smells erupt, there is so much to appreciate. I find myself saying “Thank You” more and more during this season.


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  5. As much as I LOVE summer, I will admit, I like Autumn. The beautiful colors of our NY fall is something to be appreciated. I am thankful for the gift of sight, to see what God has given us. The beauty of 4 seasons. I will try to embrace each of these as they come and enjoy them to the fullest.


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