What made us friends in the long ago?

There is this one poem
That I memorized so many years ago…
It goes like this—

What made us friends in the long ago
When we first met?
Well, I think I know.
The best in you and the best in me
Hailed each other because we could see
That always and ever
Since time began,
Our being friends was part of the plan.

~ George Webster Douglas ~

Beautiful isn’t it?
It’s great to have friends to talk with, laugh and cry with, walk and share with…Know what I mean?

15 thoughts on “What made us friends in the long ago?

  1. For the longest time I didn’t know the author, then I located his name… and have lost it again! I’ll keep searching because I want to give him credit for one of the only poems I’ve ever memorized!


  2. This is a beautiful poem… And yes, it is the best in us that draws people together… 🙂 TY for sharing the poem…
    I’m finally catching up on everyone’s blog. Thank you for your patience! 🙂


  3. Lily

    I love that poem and actually have it on an embroidered sampler; and only slightly different.

    What made us friends in the long ago
    when we first met? Well, I Think I know;
    the best in me and the best in you
    hailed each other because they knew
    that always and always since life began
    our being friends was part of God’s plan.

    George Webster Douglas


  4. Peggy

    That’s the one I know. I found it in a card and sent it to my youngest sister, who was away at college, on October 25, 1975. I wrote a long letter in the card. I know the date because she framed the poem. Unfortunately, I got it back because she was killed almost instantly when a drunk driver hit her car on May 29, 1976. She graduated posthumously in August, 1976. She was my best friend and I loved her dearly.

    I never found it in a card or anywhere again, except for today. But I wanted to send it to another sister this week for her 67th. birthday. So I did a search and here it is. May we all have sisters and friends and other loved to share it with. God Bless you. Peg


  5. HI Peg,
    I am just reading this (in March 2013) and am so happy you found this poem. It’s wonderful to have these lovely words to share with special people. Thanks for sharing your story about your sister. Like you – I am blessed to have sisters and brothers in my life who are my best friends.
    All the best to you! Marge



    This poem is the m6ost beautiful poem I have ever red in my life and Am so glad to have my friends back . kudos to the author!


  7. Marjorie K Dare

    My best friend gave me this poem about a year before she died -2002- before she knew she had cancer. It is one of my cherished things… I wanted to know who the quote was from so I googled it. Your site came up and had my answer. It is so powerful, especially when it comes from your best friend!


  8. Joanne

    I also love this poem and googled it to send to a friend. I agree with a few people above that the poem says “our being friends was part of God’s plan”, not “the plan”. I am not sure who’s plan “the plan” is? It seems difficult to have a plan without an author of the plan. I think it best to use George Webster Douglas’s original words.
    Thank you for sharing the poem.


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