I Lost my Mojo…

I Lost my Mojo….

We’ve all been there at one time or another. We’re enjoying life then something happens and it’s usually 2-3 things at once. We get a speeding ticket, get sick, a friend dies, another gets divorced and it seems as if each incident is a blow to the gut. Bam, Boom, Blam!

What do you do? Talk about it? Cry? Scream (I suggest you do this in a car far from the madding crowd). My blogger friend j9style posted about her missing ‘Mojo’ and has listed some ways to her us all crawl out of that space.

Knowing that the current crisis will pass is a calming thought but one that usually comes after the fact. Know what I’m talking about?

Why not visit her site and spread the love?

6 thoughts on “I Lost my Mojo…

  1. So many of my friends are going through life mojoless right now. Wonder what’s going on?
    I’ve been there as well so I’ll check out j9style and see what tools she has to share. Thanks for doing this.


  2. I truly believe that when you can express it and let others in – you’re almost out of the woods. It’s when you cover up, hunker down and keep silent that everything seems darker and sadder. Blog Therapy!


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