Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Downtown Chicago LibrarySome people visit museums, others visit churches, and still others visit stadiums. I visit libraries. They are all so unique and solid and each have a unique flavor and history.

Downtown Chicago LibraryImagine my delight when I was in Chicago and visited the Downtown Chicago Public Library – it was wonderful.Downtown Chicago LibraryTake the elevator to the top floor and look around. There’s a room with a glass ceiling where you can look up at the Sears Tower!

Downtown Chicago LibraryThe room is used for recitals, weddings, award ceremonies and such. It was a wonderful find on my part and I long to go back and visit again.

Built in 1873, this building must be a haven for art and architecture students. The building is rich in history and located right in the heart of downtown.

Lucky me to ‘find’ this amazing place!

Have you ever been here?

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

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  2. You know how much I love Colorado and our mountains but I feel head over heels for Chicago! I loved everything about the downtown area. I had 2 wonderful visits there that made my heart sing!


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  4. How can I miss such a magnificent building while I was in Chicago for a reunion. Love the picture. My son and I go to the local library every 2 weeks for books and DVD’s. I think we all need to spread the word that reading is way cool and hip to the young generations. The architectural details of the building stands out both inside and out. great choice.


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