Sometimes it’s all about the food

When I think of home–the place I grew up – I think of the food that I loved and can only purchase there. I miss the local bakeries that sell a wide variety of fresh bread, rolls, loaves, and fresh dough.

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I miss the bakeries that make half moon cookies and headlights. Simple wants and items that I always ‘pig out’ on when I return to Upstate NY.

Is it like that for you too?

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s all about the food

  1. boy, is it ever!!! Now that I’m going back home to Sweden to visit in September, I know exactly what I will have … there are certain things that I can’t get here or make myself. There’s a certain kind of sausage, for example …and also some type of yoghurt-ish milk that’s had for breakfast [difficult to explain]. I think I’ll write a blog about that sausage… it’s very useful LOL


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