Pull out the Suitcase and Get Packin’!

Ready or not, it’s summer time! Yesterday was wet, rainy and very cold and BAM! Today is hot, sunny and summer!

Last summer I packed my bags for a 3 week trip to visit my sister(who lives in Ireland) and to see the old country.

Last Sept I visited family in Upstate NY and (Yippee) was there when the leaves were changing colors.

I have no big trips planned this summer. Just a series of long weekends excursions, hikes and visits. I have a great pamphlet filled with Colorado road trips that show maps, attractions and other important points of interest. I plan to pick out my 5 favorite and see the sights – doing my very own ‘stay-cation.’

Even though it seems our country has fires in the south-west and flooding in the Midwest, many of us are still making travel plans. Whether it’s to see family, entertainment, parks or countries … the travel time is upon us.

What are your plans?

6 thoughts on “Pull out the Suitcase and Get Packin’!

  1. starbear

    LOL! Too Funny! My “travel plans” include teaching a class in the Library about “Destinations”… local wonderfullness to encourage reading and perhaps “Inner Journeys” — to encourage creativity. For once I will travel far without having to pack much? LOL?


  2. Yes, last summer I was there. Green rolling hills, lovely music, visiting my sister, seeing the east coast, west coast and north coast. Lots of history, castles, kind people and large dinners at noontime. And so many amazing photos!


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