A photo is so much more than an image on paper!

Maybe we take pictures to help us go back in time.

Feet on windowsill at Red Feathers Lake, CO
An image can take you back to the past instantly!

As a parent, I made a conscious effort to take photos of a wide range of events, random activities, mountain vistas, my family and friends… and then print, share and catalog them.

young boys runs on trail
When you look at photos, you can feel the air all over again!

For my grandson, I always have the camera nearby. Simple activities make the best photos. Seeing ants, worms and June bugs through the eyes of a 2 year old is like seeing them for the first time.

small boy sits in driveway with bucket
Take a photo as a precious way to mark time and remember it more vividly!

A photo is a gift we give to ourselves. It’s like writing in a journal – by reviewing the words or images, we are right back there again… reviewing a moment in time, breathing in that atmosphere from so long ago and feeling the same emotions all over again.

mountain lake in Colorado
A photo takes you right back to that place and time!

A photo is so much more than an image on paper, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “A photo is so much more than an image on paper!

  1. I started so late in life taking pictures. To my great sorrow, I have NO pictures of my life until about two years ago. That’s why I’m very careful about the ones I have.

    Reading this, I see you have a grandson! I must have totally misjudged your age LOL!!!


  2. You’re so right — photos capture way more than an image, they also hold emotions and memories. I love looking back at old photos, they do take me right back to the exact moment with all the memories.
    Thanks, Marge!


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