June Bug

Last year it was hard to keep track of the seasons.

children eating red popsiclesAutumn was so warm and lasted well into November.

We had a bit of snow in December and some in January… enough to remind us it was winter.

May was extremely cool and wet and as it disappears there’s a hint that summer is upon us.

Kids are out of school.

Summer noises abound.

Like it or not … a new season is here.

Six more months till December!

Happy June Bug to you all!

4 thoughts on “June Bug

  1. Happy June Marge!
    It is definetely summer in Michigan…hot and humid! Looking forward to coming back to our summer-time.

    loving your post a day


  2. Haven’t seen a junebug since we moved from Quebec. I used to help them out of the pool. Their legs were a little sticky.

    Summery weather has arrived here too … haven’t seen any rain in a few days now and the temperature keeps going up. It’s nice right now … green and lush.

    Happy June, Marge


  3. Hi Steph,

    Wet, cool weather was such a huge part of May and then … whoosh! Gone.
    I’m loving the temps in the 70’s and preparing for the 80’s and dreading the 90’s. But alas, cool, dry nights make it all bearable, wonderful and livable!


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