The Ultimate Road Trip

Uncompahgre Gorge and Mount Abrams between Sil...
Uncompahgre Mountains via Wikipedia

The San Juan Skyway is called the ‘road to the sky’ and offers stunning views of the San Juan Mountains in all their glory.

The mountain range is home to many 14,000 ft. high mountain peaks, small towns, Indian pueblo ruins and hot springs.

To really see the sights, you must plan to spend 2-3 days along the way. Then you can relax, view the gorgeous surroundings and appreciate nature’s beauty.

Then you can send me that thank you postcard! Oh baby, you’re gonna love it!

National Forest: Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forests, San Juan National Forest
Length: 233.0 mi / 375.0 km
Time to Allow: Five hours to drive or 1-2 days to experience the byway

Must Take This Tour

Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Road Trip”

  1. I’ve been there! Camped in Gunnison National Forest (I think…family friends had a gold claim at Washington Gulch where we set up our Tepee. From there we would drive into Gunnison occasionally for a grocery run!) FANTASTIC area. We will have to come back for sure!

  2. I used to think I’m not a mountain person but I realize I love mountains almost as much as I love the ocean. This one looks spectacular. Thanks for this post, Marge!

    1. I think when you find the element that speaks to you – you’ll find it everywhere you go. Mountains help me connect with myself and I know I could also find that solace near an ocean as well. It’s wonderful to have so much to choose from … mountains, deserts, rivers, oceans, rain forests, everglades. It’s all so amazing!

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