Internet Goodie #17: Weather or Not

Wondering about the weather? This list of links from has some information for everyone.

  • Weatherbase – site offers highs, lows, averages, precipitation information (up to 70 datapoints) and more for more than 16,000 places worldwide.
  • Weather Channel Home Page
  • Weather Glossary – WeatherPost
  • Weather History: – Weather history is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when looking for the best places to live. offers a wide variety of historical weather data that includes temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and cloudiness.
  • Weather History: The Old Farmer’s Almanac – Was it raining in Boston on Thanksgiving? From this page from The Old Farmer’s Almanac you can find out what the weather was like for any of 1,500 locations around the United States or Canada on any date from 1994 to the present.
  • WeatherNet – “Over 380 weather links – Univ. of Michigan”
  • WeatherNet4 – WRC-TV (Washington, DC)
  • Weather Network Online – Canada’s 24 hour a day weather channel is now moving onto the web.
  • WeatherOnline! – local forecasts, storm warnings and watches, current satellite images, maps
  • Weather Planner – Long-range forecast predicts weather up to a year in advance – so you can choose the date for a wedding, an event, or a trip based on the best predicted weather conditions.
  • WeatherPost – Washington Post
  • Weather Science Hotlist – Weather-related links.
  • Weather Underground
  • Weather Warehouse: Historical Monthly Weather Data – Get historical monthly weather data – totals, means and extremes – for over 18,000+ current and former United States weather stations for every year that each station reported.
  • Weather Weenie Web Site
  • WebWeather
  • What’s Up With the Weather? – The overwhelming majority of scientists agree: earth’s temperature has risen during the past century. But is it due to man’s use of fossil fuel energy? And if so, how can we prevent the catastrophic results that some scientists predict if global warming continues? In “What’s Up with the Weather?” the PBS series Nova and Frontline join forces to investigate the science and politics of one of the most controversial issues of the 21st century: the truth about global warming. This is the companion web site to this special.
  • Wind Force Scale – In 1806, Sir Francis Beaufort developed a rating system for accurate recording of wind speed. This system was developed for sailors, but has since been modified for use on land.
  • Windchill Chart
  • – over 85,000 records on weather, rainfall, and temperature data
  • World Meteorological Organization
  • World Weather Information Service – This pilot web site presents OFFICIAL weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities supplied by National Meteorological Services worldwide. By 19 September 2003, 997 cities from 153 WMO Members have their climatological data presented in this web site.
  • – Your gateway to nearly 8,000 weather radars, live webcam images, weather warnings, traffic & current conditions, plus your local weather forecast.
  • WxUSA – weather links for over 1295 US Cities.

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