No Books Behind Bars

Fences of a Federal Prison in the U.S.
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Imagine being stuck in a place with unlimited time to read and no books available? That’s what happens when you get sentenced to prison. Hours and hours when you can be working on your high school degree or learning through stories… there are no books.

The Prison Library Project (PLP) focuses on supplying prisons with books and other reading materials to inmates nationwide. Dictionaries, GED related books, vocabulary books, GED math and science books as well as those that deal with domestic abuse, HIV/AIDs and drug and alcohol issues. The PLP receives over 300 letters a week from inmates.

The PLP offers books as a way to help inmates foster an appreciation for books, ideas and education. Through books and materials, inmates can learn how to take charge of their lives in a positive way and reenter society with new abilities that can add value to their family and community.
The PLP is a worthwhile cause that brings words, ideas and fils a void for people who have no other resources.

Another site, Books to Prisoners, says the number one book requested by prisoners is a dictionary. For $2.50 they can send a requested book to someone who is willing to learn, grow and become better than before. Most of us can afford to donate $10, can’t we? Check out their site and learn more.

Books to Prisoners:

Prison Library Project :

Imagine being stuck in a place where there were no books…


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