Muting the Ocsars

I enjoy watching the Oscars even when I’ve hardly seen any of the movies.

I love to see the movie clips, the nominees, hear the music, get into the build up and excitement … but as soon as a winner accepts the trophy, I turn on mute.

I could leave it on but the words are all “Oh my god…blah, blah, thank YOU, yayadeda, xoxo, amen.”

Alas, they talk… I mute.


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2 thoughts on “Muting the Ocsars

  1. I like your new header image!

    We watched it too. I always get so fed up with all the thank-you-speeches. They could just thank everyone in one fell swoop. Had not seen any of the movies. All the hype about The Social Network has made me doubt that I even want to see it.


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