Oprah, Fergie, You & Me

Oprah is planning a six part documentary focusing on Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and her economic struggles.  Sarah’s having a hard time, like all of us and with attention from Oprah… well, she’ll soon have the money she needs.  It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for Sarah — and yet, we don’t know her story. She doesn’t know mine.  And we all have a story about our struggles, don’t we?

Oprah doesn’t owe us anything, but when she shines her attention on an issue, author, cause or product – everything changes. People listen, learn, research, purchase and act.

What if … Oprah paired Sarah with another woman in the same boat? Someone who lost their job, is struggling to make ends meet, has little or no income and is living on minimum wage?

Or better yet, how about a contest or reality show where teams compete to create new businesses and jobs for baby boomers, new graduates, young mothers, veterans and other populations?  The contestants could be culled from all different occupations, nationalities, backgrounds and communities. Let them figure out the need, create jobs, hire people and find funding and offer hope.

There would be nothing to lose for Oprah and so much to gain for everyone else … even Sarah.

Write on...

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