Say goodbye to Marion

My haven is in danger. The physical book, according to Nicolas Negroponte at a Techonomy conference is dead.  Digital books will be replacing paper books just like film was replaced by the camera chip and vinyl albums were replaced by cds then again converted to .wma and mp3.

If that happens, then my havens … libraries and bookstores will be a thing of the past. Books will be created and downloaded instead of stacked on shelves. As people listen to music on the go, books will also become more mobile. Readers will not be tied to a time and place to locate and purchase a book. Nor will they be sent in the mail through Amazon or other online stores.

Having digital books will be better for students who have laptops and can download the required texts. Teachers can select certain chapters from several books and create their own specialized textbook using data from several different authors.  Digital books will be more affordable and can be accessed from anywhere there is a connection.

Marion the librarian will soon be replaced by a server.   Change is in the air ..

The physical book is dead in 5 years …

2 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Marion

  1. No no no!!! I won’t let go…I do not want to go digital with my books. Greg already has…

    so, I didn’t know about this blog…do you still have your Mead blog? I will go see.



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