Social Media Strategy #1: Get Noticed

Ready to take your business up a notch?

Then it’s time to create a social media strategy and get noticed.

Decide on the ‘one’ thing you want to be known for and find different ways to get the message out.

Social Media Strategy #1: Get Noticed

Create a blog – Blogs are an excellent way to generate sales leads. They are highly effective and low-cost marketing tool.
a.       Blogs allow your business to connect with current and potential customers.

b.      A blog can help you gain insight into customer’s needs and as a way to fine tune your product.

c.       Blogs help to make your business and product come alive and approachable.

A blog gives your company personality.

Start a blog focusing on your product but general enough that others will want to read about it as well.

Here are some blogs that promote business, inform customers and have personality … Just a blog about Mead and some of the things that happen here.

If you find you are answering the same questions all the time … then you need to put that information into a blog for your customers.

Stay Tuned for …
Social Media Strategy #2: Show… instead of Tell

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