Photoshop 7 “Scratch Disk” message is MAKING ME CRAZY!

I have Photoshop 7 (it’s not the newest version, I know but it works just fine for me) and a Dell Studio desktop. When I try to install Photoshop 7 to my pc, I get a message that says:
Could not initialize Photoshop because the scratch disks are full.

And when you click OK, the program closes. If it stayed open, I would go into Preferences and make changes to the Primary Scratch Volume but that’s not happening. Ugh. Criminy!

So, the next course of action is to take that message to Google Search and enter it to see if others have the same issues.

There were dozens of others with the same pain and heartache on not being able to install Photoshop.

I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall and perhaps go to Preferences and edit the primary scratch volume. However, as soon as I get the message that says my scratch disks are full … I have to click OK to get the picture off my screen. Then Photoshop closes down!

2 hours later … no Photoshop.

What’s one to do? If you know, please leave a message for me and for all the others who are trying to fix this instead of doing WORK. Ok, I am working but am not succeeding.

There’s a free program to edit photos called GIMP that I’ve used in the past and will use again because Adobe Photoshop is ignoring my plea for help. My pc is new I have a terabye of memory, RAM up the yingyang but my scratch disk is full. NOT!

There are tons of bloggers asking the same question about the scratch disks error – where is our assistance?

Ok, no assistance. Let’s talk about GIMP.

GIMP IS very similar to Photoshop. I downloaded it and edited a photo. I resized it, added text, changed the name and filed it.    It’s fine, it’s free and most of all – it works! Drats to Adobe for leaving us all hanging here.

Yippee to GIMP!

GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, for X Windows systems. Official site, including download area, documentation, FAQs, and a plugin registry.–what-this-error-message-means-5865

4 thoughts on “Photoshop 7 “Scratch Disk” message is MAKING ME CRAZY!

  1. Aram G.

    Photoshop 7 is unable to install on a drive larger than 1 gb. Partition your hard drive (300 gb works fine) and reinstall Photoshop on the smaller drive. Windows 7 has a built in disk partition magic type solution. Hope this helped someone.


  2. Albert

    The same happened to me and this is how I solved it (Win 7/8):

    – you need to have a lot of free space on C
    – you will split C into 3 parts, then set PS to operate on the 3rd small one, then rejoin the first two to have your big drive back
    – in this step I describe my situation, a new PC with one 2000 GB C: disk, which I split into 900 GB (C:) + 900 (F:) + 200 GB (G:)

    1. install PS wherever you want
    2. in the Windows Control Panel switch to View by Category
    3. click System and security / Administrative Tools / Create and format hard disk partitions
    4. in that thatched part of the screen right-click the Windows (C:) rectangle and click shrink volume
    5. shrink the C volume in such a way that C has 900 GB (900000 MB)
    6. in the thatched rectangles section a new rectangle appears, right-click it and shrink it again to sth. like 900 MB, finally you should have C: with 900 GB, a first empty partition with 900 GB and a second empty partition with 200 GB
    7. right-click the 200 GB rectangle and assign it a letter (G) and format it as NTFS
    8. run Photoshop and the error message should disappear
    9. set Photoshop’s first scratch disk to the new partition created in step 7, i.e. G
    10. to regain the vacant free space, in Create and format hard disk partitions, right-click C and click Extend Volume and Next
    11. Now you should have C: with 1800 GB and G: with 200 GB, whereas Photoshop uses G as its scratch disk


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