Happiness under the fingernails

Working in the yard, moving, hauling, lifting, spreading and drinking lots and lots and lots of cold water can lead to an incredible sense of satisfaction.

Sitting back and looking at the difference a shovel, hammer, hoe, rake, wheelbarrow and a hose can make is amazing.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of creating something new using the same materials.  It is certainly an art form as the old is stripped away and the new is created with a fresh look, feel and smell.

It was there all along – it just took some moving, thinking, creative redesign, muscle, sweat and determination.

And teamwork!  Thanks J.E. for the inspiration!

One thought on “Happiness under the fingernails

  1. J.E.

    The real joy, of course, was in the doing, together.

    For sure, the journey is the real spice of life.

    Thanks a great big bunch.



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