Introducing Skype into the classroom

With the use of Skype, a free video program … a student can attend a class from the comfort of his car, her living room, their conference room, in an airport, hospital, fire station, breakroom or whereever an internet connection can be found.

In fact, using this free technology, the student becomes the teacher and can take control of the learning environment, add relevant information, links to existing data, photos, videos and much more.

Skype makes virutal learning come alive. Simple and free. 

Invite an author into the classroom using Skype.

Take a field trip to an art museum in another country, using Skype.

Turn on Skype and teach a language to students in another country.

Teach a foreign language locally and then take Skype to that country so the students can see and hear the language in action.

Invite several classrooms to attend at the same time — make it a global environment!

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